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The ChurchTrac Online Member Access feature allows members of the church to access and update their own profiles.  Members can also access their own contribution statements, picture directory and church calendar events as well.

Each member must have their email address already entered in their Membership profile. Only those members that have an email address entered in their Membership profile will be able to access and use the Member Access feature.

If the information is available you will be able to view your profile, member directory, photo directory, contribution history, and church upcoming events.  

Your Profile – Update your birthday, gender, phone number, email address, marital status & mailing address

Directory – View members contact info. (Only families where this field is set to "Yes" will be visible to other members when viewing the membership access directory. Families who do not wish to share their contact information with other members should set this field to "No" in order to be excluded from the membership access directory.)

Photo Directory – View uploaded member’s pictures

Giving History – Members are able to view and/or print their own Contribution Statement

Calendar - View listed public church events

Cogwheel   - To change passcode (Password requirements: upper and lower letters, number and symbol.)

​Sign Out

Your profile has other information that is pertinent to your membership profile. Please schedule with the Office Administration to view and update the following fields if needed.

 - Membership Joined By (Letter or Christian Exp.) and Membership Date
 - Baptism Date

​To add your email address to your Membership Profile, click on the Member Access Form button.
To view Membership Profile, click on the ChurchTrac Online button.

Click Here on How to Use ChurchTrac Member Access