Church is much more than a Sunday morning experience. Join a ministry to really get to know your church family, and to make serving the Lord a bigger part of your everyday life. God has equipped each of us with talents and gifts that He wants to use to expand his kingdom. Find out how you can be a blessing to your church and your community. Join Us!

Get Involved - Join a Ministry

* Men's Ministry (Brotherhood) - Corey Douglas, President
 To inspire Men and Young Boys of all ages in the principals of God's Word; leading them to become mature in their 
walk with Christ. 

* Women's Ministry (WMU)
Patricia Mosley, President
To empower Women and Young Girls of all ages with the Word of God; developing them to spiritual maturity, as "Virtuous Women" of God.    

* Music Ministry
 - Dennis Montgomery, Director

To provide appropriate music for all occasions, guided by prayer, to encourage an atmosphere of worship within the congregation. We have four distinct musical units that fit the needs of our congregation.

* Youth Ministry –

 To unite the youth together in fellowship and a closer relationship with Jesus, the church, and the community. 

* Graceful Praise Dance TeamYolanda Cole, Coordinator; Fresha Douglas and Angela Bates, Asst Coordinators

To uplift the glory of God through movement in the form of dance.

* Scholarship and Education Ministry - Patricia Scott, President & Nora Youngblood, Vice President
To provide scholarship assistance to students attending 4-year colleges and universities.

* Usher Ministry - Angela Ford, President & Lorna Lee, Vice President
To welcome and greet everyone who enters the house of worship.

* Media Ministry
- Mary Moore, Director

To promote a positive image of the church by various public mediums:television, radio, newspaper, newsletter, social media and audio/video systems.

* Transportation Ministry
- Curtis Drayden & Carlton Hardy, Jr., Bus Drivers

To provide transportation to and from worship services and other activities for members and others wishing to attend: 
Those needing transportation to Sunday worship service, should contact the Church office @ (318) 221-1144 by 9:00 p.m. Saturday evening.

* Culinary Ministry
- Thomas Cole, Director
To administer and provide meals for various church events.

* Christian Education Ministry
To provide, develop and promote programs that equip individuals for discipleship